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Hispaniola Spanish Language School


Take part in one of our Spanish Language Programs here in Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic! We offer a wide range of different Spanish Language Lessons from our popular standard language course to individual tuition, our Spanish for health Care and DELE exam preparation. Accommodations in apartments, host-families, and hotels. Learn Spanish at Hispaniola Spanish Language School is easy and funny! Very communicative teachers, always available secretariat, simple book and teaching material makes you think that learn (and talk) Spanish language is a piece of cake. Don't forget Dominicans: they love to chat and communicate.. even with body sign if necessary. You won't be defraud...your improvement will be surprising.


Contact: Luca Pellegrini. Director
Hispaniola Spanish Language School
Arzobispo Nouel n. 101,
Zona Colonial Santo Domingo DN 10210
Dominican Republic
Tel: 809 689 8350
Fax: 809 688 9192



Lynne Guitar
Guido Poggi
Scott Nelson













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